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  • Welcome to the Learning Technologies Coursework Repository

    This server has been provided for your use by the Department of Learning Technologies at the the University of North Texas; only students taking classes within the Department of Learning Technologies will be eligible to use this space. Please read the guidelines for information regarding the use of this service.

    Students can use freeware SFTP programs such as WinSCP (Windows) and Cyberduck (Mac OS X), or Adobe Dreamweaver to upload their files to the server. If you need assistance transferring your files to the server, please see the provided tutorials.

    If you have any technical problems or special needs, please contact your instructor.

    All users of this service are subject to the University of North Texas Computer Use Policy as well as the Student Code of Conduct.

    The following items may also be of concern:

    • The posting of illegal, inappropriate or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
    • Any attempts to access another student's account is strictly prohibited.
    • This server is intended solely for the fulfillment of the requirements of Learning Technologies' courses. Use of this service for personal work is prohibited.
    • Users are encouraged to keep the size of their web site to a repectable level.
    • The contents of this server are entirely public. Anything posted here can be viewed by anyone. Please do not post anything private, confidential, or anything which you would not want to be seen by others.

    Failure to comply with any of the above points may result in loss of access to this service. It is the sole decision of the webmaster (not your instructor) to remove access for violations of the above stated items. The loss of access to this service might have an effect on your overall semester grade.