D' Ray Freeman, Sr.

Future Computer Applications Teacher

Dennis Freeman, Sr., the leader of the "Freemanites," tell you later about that name, plans to matriculate for a Ph.D. in Education Computing here at the University of North Texas's department of Computer Education and Cognitive Systems (CECS). 1998 was the last time Dennis attended college on a full-time basis. While there he received both a Bachelor's and Masters Degree from Norfolk State University. Most of his young adult life was spent serving our country as a career Navy veteran (17.5 years.) The highlight of the tour of duty came when selected to serve on a special assignment to the White House serving under the late President Reagan as one of his audio engineers. After my military career abruptly ended I back to school to get certified to teach and was blessed to go into the education field as a High School, Vocation-Technology Instructor of Electronics. Year later worked part time as an adjunct associated professor for Old Dominion University. Thus began the birth of the original "Freemanites" that were a combination of both high school and college students. While exercising their training I was introduced to the "National Certified Electronics" program which eligible candidates can could participate in and pass a series of knowledge based test that were administered nationally to recognize training in the field. We were the first to have the youngest nationally certified Electronics recipient since the program was made available to students as young as 17. Currently, Dennis serves as an Account Advocate and Systems Engineer for IBM. I truly enjoy fishing and riding a motorcycle just cruising from city-to-city. As I stated in the introducing, my current plans are to pursue a Doctorate degree and someday work for UNT's Department of Learning Technologies.

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