Appearances in Other Media

Being an international cultural icon, Wonder Woman has appeared in movies, tv, cartoon, books, and a variety of other media. Here are some of the most famous:

Super Friends Super Friends1973CartoonAs a mainstay of the DC Universe, Wonder Woman was included among the Super Friends, a long-running Saturday morning cartoon. She retained all the basic elements of the Wonder Woman costume, in addtion to a kicky "That Girl" hair cut.
Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman1974TV Movie (ABC)Cathy Lee Crosby starred in this attempt to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen. With a greatly revamped background and a flight-attendant inspired costume, this did not go very far.
Linda Carter 40s The New Original Wonder Woman
Season 1
1975TV Series (ABC)ABC went back to the drawing board and used the WWII era Wonder Woman we all know and love with all the "proper" costume elements. This take on the character was portrayed by Lynda Carter and and for many she has become the epitome of how to potray the Avenging Amazon.
Linda Carter 70s The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
Season 2
1977TV Series (CBS)ABC was tired of Wonder Woman, so she moved to CBS and to the 70s. Most of the costume elements remained, the cape only a ceremonial addition.
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman
Season 3
1978TV Series (CBS)The third and final season of the Wonder Woman TV series was rife with popular culture such as disco, skateboards, and motorbikes..

Notice that in the transition between seasons and networks, how her costume changes. The chest emblem is different as is the cut of the bottoms and placement of stars.

Inspiration of other Media on the Comic

There have been items from the other media, especially the TV show, that have made it into the comics. For instance, the famous costume change twirl was first done in the Lynda Carter TV show.

The TV show also had some special-use costumes which have shown up in the comics, albeit briefly:

TV Bike Comic Bike
TV Swim Comic Swim