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    Classes.LT is a service provided by the Department of Learning Technologies to provide our students with a means to publish web content for their coursework. This service is free to any student enrolled in a course within the department. To use this service, use the following steps:

    1. Registration

      You must first register before you can use this service. Registration is free for any student taking a course within the department, and is a process that verifies your enrollment in a Learning Technologies course. PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently registered for a course your enrollment information may not have propagated down to our system yet. Please allow at least 36 hours before contacting the department for support in the event your receive notice that the system does not acknowledge your enrollment. Registration is a one-time requirement.

    2. Creating Course Space

      Once your enrollment is verified, you may login to the website where you can create webspace for any courses you are taking that utilize this service. Once logged in, select the "My Courses" link on the navigation bar to see a list of courses that have been setup on this system. If you do not see any courses listed, verify with your instructor that your course will be using this system this semester (not all courses do). To create Course Space, select which courses you wish to create space for and click the "Create Space" button. Once you have created space for your course(s), the page will list them according to semester.

      You must create course space each semester for each course you take that uses this system.

    3. Uploading Your Files

      Once you have created Course Space you can log into the server and upload your files. You can use any SFTP/SCP program you wish, and we currently have tutorials for the following applications:

    4. View Your Work

      Once a student has created Course Space for a particular course, their name will be added to the list of students for that course. You can view the pages of any student that has uploaded content.